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Press Release 1 



Guth nan Siarach is a newly constituted community activism group based in the Outer Hebrides. Our membership is composed of and open to Vernacular speakers resident in the Comhairle nan Eileanan Siar constituency of the Western Isles; within our Diaspora nationally and globally; and to all allies of Vernacular Gaels nationally and globally. We are in process of establishing an online presence to allow us to extend our membership globally and to promote letter-writing campaigns and petitions to the Scottish Government; our local authority CnES; and, Bord na Gaidhlig. You can see our recent discussion following a Soillse workshop

by Conchur O’ Giollagain here:


We identify ourselves as members of the vernacular gaelic group living within the social geography of Gaelic Culture in Scotland, the UK and overseas.


We determine our rights thus: The social vernacular Gaelic group has legitimate rights, concerns and interests within our own socio-geographic and in-group context without out-group interference or dominance.


We welcome ally-ship from our UK and global Diaspora and from new speakers and supporters of Gaelic globally.


We have been active for many months now individually, and latterly as a constituted group, attempting to open dialogue with ministers and their officials, but the delaying tactics of civil servants and the disingenuous responses from the Gaelic establishment that we have seen since publication of The Gaelic Crisis in the Vernacular Community (2020) leave us no choice but to campaign openly and in opposition to current policies, planning and practices with regard to Vernacular Gaelic within our communities.


While the main political parties have agreed between them that Gaelic is not to be an election issue we determine otherwise, and will actively and openly express our concerns and wishes in pursuit of active agreement and support from all regional candidates and Ministers at the forthcoming election of our claim for recognition as a legitimate cultural and linguistic group with the rights that inhere to such status.


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